Participate in a water and energy exchange.
Get paid when you save.

Your planet will thank you.

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How savings rebates work:
Use less than before. Get paid.

You earn cash rebates by reducing your monthly energy and water use relative to your past usage. MeterHero syncs with your utility bills to calculate savings. No more guessing whether or not efficiency is a good investment. Every gallon, watt, and therm that is saved is money earned.

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How the exchange works:
Fund a rebate. Get conservation.

MeterHero creates exchanges for water and energy savings. Individuals, organizations, and companies fund rebates to offset their usage, meet sustainability goals, and increase conservation in their communities.

Contribute to the MeterHero public exchange or set up your own private water and energy savings exchange. Perfect for utility programs, employee engagement, and customer outreach.

In funding conservation rebates, you unlock the creative potential of your community to find innovative ways to save water and energy.

Your Water and Energy Command Center

Every MeterHero account gets a water and energy use dashboard. Whether you connect your utility accounts or upload readings manually from your meter, you will have a birds-eye view on your usage. From your dashboard, you can add meters from multiple buildings, share data and rebates with family, roommates, or coworkers, and get great tips on how to maximize your efficiency savings.

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