Fund water and energy savings rebates in your community.

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Want to get paid to save water and energy?

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Empowered Saving

MeterHero turns energy and water conservation into income for homeowners who want to make a difference. Whether through solar panels, new fixtures, lights, or appliances, or simply making behavioral changes, these homes are part of the green revolution.

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Collaborative Saving

MeterHero works with property managers to incentivize water and energy savings. In buildings with shared utilities, rebates are equally divided amongst building occupants, so that everyone can play a part in improving efficiency.

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Educated Saving

MeterHero helps students learn how to save at school and at home. Rebates earned at school help fund STEM programs, and through a partnership with STEMhero, MeterHero is preparing the next generation to tackle the problems of climate change and water scarcity.

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How offset rebates work

Participating community members will earn rebates by reducing their monthly consumption relative to their baseline. MeterHero uses individual utility billing data to calculate savings. No more guessing whether or not efficiency is a good investment. Every gallon, watt, and therm that is saved is money earned.

When you become a producer of water and energy savings, you are doing more than saving on your bills. You are investing in the sustainability of your community. MeterHero recognizes the value of conservation by matching your savings with offset rebates.

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Collaborative Conservation

Would you like to turn your community's homes, schools, and buildings into engines of sustainability? Would you like to increase the amount of solar energy generated, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and increase the resilience of our water supply?

MeterHero has made it easy for you to make a difference. By purchasing an offset rebate, you send a clear message to your community that you care about the future.

Every gallon, watt, or therm that you offset will be saved somewhere else in the community. The saver will earn a cash rebate with your name on it - literally making the connection between your commitment and their actions.

Your Water and Energy Command Center

Every MeterHero account gets a water and energy use dashboard. Whether you connect your utility accounts or upload readings manually from your meter, you will have a birds-eye view on your usage. From your dashboard, you can add meters from multiple buildings, share data and rebates with family, roommates, or coworkers, and get great tips on how to maximize your efficiency savings.

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