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"Dear MeterHero,

Now that our customers can invite their friends to see how much money they are saving, our company is fielding more sales calls than ever before. We love showing off our work. Every time we complete a sale, we know we’re going to get ten new leads out of it. Your platform is a brilliant way to show people the value of water and energy efficiency. "

"Acme Energy Management"

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"Dear MeterHero,

The apartment buildings I manage here in the Bay Area are on track to save thousands of dollars on our utility bills this year. Our dashboard helps us see the improvements we are making. What a great idea to give our tenants extra incentives for getting their leaks fixed. "

"Lakeview Properties" - 16 Buildings


"Dear MeterHero,

You've really inspired our company to conserve more in our homes and at work. Being able to track all of our savings means we can finally run challenges that include all of our employees. We decided to make donations to organizations providing clean energy and water to people in developing countries. Now every month we look forward to seeing how much of a difference we can make. We Love MeterHero!!! "

"The Green Team" - 32 Members

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